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Social Impact

Positive Social Impact

We aim to make a positive contribution to our people, our customers and communities

ArborGen’s culture is defined by the questions that we ask ourselves and each other as we work: Is it fair? Is it right? Does it help our customer? Am I holding myself and others accountable? Have I been transparent? Is there a better way to perform my task or meet our customer’s needs? These elements inform all our decisions and actions.

Safety and welfare are our highest priority

We aim to provide an inclusive, safe and healthy workplace that supports our team of talented employees, both physically and emotionally.

Our goal is zero accidents. Managers are accountable for the safety of their teams and continually monitor and address any issues. All employees must complete training in at least one safe job procedure per quarter, plus participate in in-person or online training via webinars. In-person training is conducted at each location at least once a year.

To encourage wellness, we offer fitness goal challenges and a wellness benefit to our US employees for reduced insurance premiums once they complete annual fitness exams. We also provide access to a free and confidential employee assistance programme, which provides a broad array of life management and counselling services.

In Brazil, we provide employees with meal cards, meals at work, transport, healthcare assessments and gifts on commemorative days. Company awards celebrate the Best Employee of the Month, and individual development plans are in place for administrative employees.

An inclusive workplace

Our workforce spans a wide range of age, cultural profiles and backgrounds and we have a culture of equity, fairness, and accountability.

We believe in recognising and rewarding the effort of all our people. Ethical labour practices are essential and we pay fair wages and salaries. Pay equity is ensured by conducting remuneration reviews every two years.

At the heart of our organisation is a steadfast commitment to human rights, which guides every aspect of our business. This dedication is not just about compliance or meeting standards; it’s about actively fostering an environment where human rights are protected and promoted. We are committed to respecting and fostering human rights within all of our activities.

We celebrate our team and their achievements. We seek to foster a culture where everyone feels they belong and can be their true self at work, supporting them to reach their potential.

Servicing our customers

We are only successful when our customers are. This drives our focus on creating strong and long-term relationships with our customers by understanding and responding to their needs.

We provide seedlings to over 2,000 customers each year, many of whom have been buying from us for decades, as well as expert advice and support.

In each of our regions, our customers range from the largest industrial and financial landowners in the market to small private landowners who only plant occasionally. We have multi-year contracts with many of our customers that call for them to buy all, or a large portion of their seedlings from us every year.

Supporting our communities

Our aim is to have a positive impact on the people and communities around us. Our people are encouraged to participate and contribute to organisations in their community. We provide employment opportunities in our markets, which supports families and their wider communities.


In the US, an employee assistance programme is available. This is a free and confidential service for employees and their families. Dedicated independent professionals are available 24/7, providing a broad array of services including counselling sessions and life management services such as financial counseling, legal services and parenting resources. 

The safety and welfare of all employees, contractors and visitors is our highest priority. All employees must complete training in one safe job procedure per quarter, plus participate in online training via webinars. In-person training is conducted at each location at least once a year. Our goal is zero accidents!

In Brazil, the company provides breakfast and lunch to the workers and a benefit in cash for those that don’t miss any day of work during the month. The last Friday of the month is ‘Happy Friday’ and all birthdays for that month are celebrated.

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