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Our Business

ArborGen Inc is the Group’s sole operating activity. 

  • We are the largest global commercial supplier of tree seedlings, specialising in loblolly (US and Brazil) and eucalyptus (Brazil) plantation forestry species.

  • We are the leading provider of advanced genetics for the forest industry in these regions, operating across the entire technology spectrum offering high-value products that significantly improve the productivity of a given acre of forestry land by enabling our customers to grow trees that:

    • Yield more wood (particularly saw-timber) per acre,

    • Demonstrate greater consistency, uniformity and quality,

    • Grow in a shorter period of time; and

    • Are more resilient and disease resistant.

  • By employing state-of-the-art technology (we continue to invest millions of dollars in R&D each year), we are:

    • Developing and expanding ArborGen’s pipeline of industry leading advanced genetics, including building a future supply of our high-value premium MCP products in the US, and

    • Transitioning our customers from open pollinated (OP) genetics to advanced MCP and varietal genetics in the US (our single largest market) which is also where we believe our largest earnings uplift will come from in the future.

  • Our MCP seedling production is projected to grow significantly as our large, younger and more advanced seed orchards approach their maximum seed yielding years - the direct result of investments made in expanding our MCP orchard capacity 5-10 years ago:

    • ArborGen’s MCP seed production is projected to more than triple from the current 90 million up to ~300 million seedling equivalents by 2025,

    • Allowing us to meet the growing demand for these products (we are currently supply constrained); and

    • Build sufficient buffer inventory to counter any adverse weather events.

  • Our production assets are located across the US Southern forestry region and Brazil comprising:

    • 11 seedling production nurseries (8 in the US and 3 in Brazil), and

    • 6 seed producing orchards in the US

    • With an overall production capacity of over 400 million seedlings in the US-South, and 100 million in Brazil (including outsourced production in Brazil and the US).

  • We have extensive field trials throughout the US demonstrating the performance of our advanced genetic products, which have been developed using unique intellectual property from a proprietary genetics database representing the combined forestry genetic history of our three predecessor companies – Fletcher Challenge, International Paper and WestRock.

  • We service over 1,000 customers each year across a range of market segments, including selling to the large industrial and diversified private markets.

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